Sandal-Ready Vacation Feet

During your tropical vacation, feet are on display. Break out your strappy sandals and head our way for a mani-pedi. We don’t just add a layer of polish and send customers out the door — we give feet the TLC they need. Before adding a sunny coat of polish, our nail technicians exfoliate and moisturize the skin. They magically make that calloused ring of dry skin that wraps around the heel disappear. That’s a big deal, because calloused feet can be a vacation downer. So, how do you keep your feet looking fresh and fabulous in between appointments? Here are a few tips to make sure feet look fabulous in flips flops and thonged sandals.
Moisturize and sleep.
Our nail technicians rub a healthy amount of lotion into the feet. You should do the same. Break out a good moisturizer and apply it to your feet at night. Put a pair of socks on to trap the moisture in while you sleep. It’s best to choose a thick moisturizer, something you would use to heal cracked skin during the winter. We offer a great foot moisturizer for purchase in our retail area.
Buy a foot file.
If you haven’t already, invest in a foot file (also available in our retail area). Nail technicians are experts at removing dead skin, but you can keep the rough patches at bay by filing your feet in between spa visits. By rubbing the file over the calloused area, the layers of dead skin can be removed. Try doing it right after showering, so the skin is soft and pliable. Take it easy though; rubbing too hard may cause irritation.

Add a paraffin wax at your next visit.
A paraffin wax coats the hands in warm wax. As it hardens, the ingredients in the wax open the pores and when the wax is peeled away the dead cells go with it. Adding a paraffin wax at your next appointment can keep the dry skin away a bit longer.
There’s no reason your feet and hands shouldn’t be on display for vacation. Call us today at 715-849-8827 and we’ll make sure you have flirty toesies to flaunt all vacation long.